Integral Management Policy

Our company, dedicated to the production of plastic parts, up to 2,000 grams, by injection and to the design of plastic injection molds, has established the following Integrated Management Policy in order to adapt permanently to the changing market situations, to fit the needs and expectations of our clients and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the established system.

The management, aware of the current circumstances surrounding us, leads a strategy to adapt to this changing environment and to offer products and processes that meet the needs and expectations of our current and potential customers.

The Integrated Management Policy is considered as “The right path to achieve the purposes” and is based on:

  • Permanent adaptation to the needs and expectations of the interest groups.
  • Fulfillment with the applicable legal requirements.
  • Creating and keeping costumers’ loyalty and acquisition of new clients.
  • Permanent innovation and continuous process improvement to obtain maximum efficiency and optimization of the resources used.
  • Commitment of the staff in the achievement of the objectives.
  • Preservation of an equality policy, applicable in contracting processes and in the activities related with the staff. And keeping a code of ethical conduct.
  • Getting formal recognition from our customers, of the quality level reached at each moment, based on the fulfillment of their needs
  • Respect for the Society, the Risk Prevention and the Environment protection. We respect the rights of Human Beings inside and outside Clossa, we are against children exploitation and reject the acquisition of materials considered as hazardous due to their origin or possible use. We protect our environment by adopting good environmental practices in the different processes of the company. We protect our workers by keeping safe working conditions.
  • We maintain an ethical escalation policy, guaranteeing equal opportunities and treatment among our employees. This policy is disseminated through the employee’s code of ethics, where our workers are informed of the possibility of reporting irregularities with organizational escalation.
  • Contribution of suppliers and subcontractors in the compliance with this policy and with the rest of requirements that apply to them as part of the supply chain.

The final objective of this initiative is to develop an Integrated Management program seeking business excellence, by the achievement of Innovation and Permanent Improvement in all the activities of the Company.

Joseba Diez
January 21st, 2022